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 Welcome to!
Greetings, and thanks for visiting my home page! Here, I host mostly just pics of my hobbies, but I also maintain a site about opensource software, mostly focusing on its use with FreeBSD. The site is called DFWLPiki.

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I have done a complete code refresh of my sites here ( and .com, due to a couple of reasons. First, my code wasn't that great, and would easily fail validation tests. Second, my code was plain and simple not understood by mobile browsers. I just got a PocketPC, and I wasn't able to view my own website! Yep... time for a rewrite! There is now a "mobile friendly" version of this site located here.
- Jonathan
09/02/2007 has just had a facelift! I've changed the format in such a way that I can track buildout and/or maintenance of both of my trucks now. IMO, the facelift was long overdue. :)
- Jonathan

I am preparing for a server migration, and I am nearing the final steps for preparation of the new server. I'm anticipating a smooth transition, but if you notice a hiccup in the comming hours, this probably why. This change will affect all my sites (linked at the left).
*edit* - Migration has been completed.
- Jonathan

I finally took some time to put up a real page here, to make things look nice. I'm fairly certain that there might never be a news worthy item posted here.
- Jonathan

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